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Car Seat Reviews

Posted by Barbara Moore on January 13, 2012

Car Seat Reviews – A Buyer’s Guide for Baby and Child Car Seats

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If you have a child, you will need a car seat and even more that you need to go through Car Seat Reviews here before you get one. Even if you don’t drive yourself or even have a car, you will still need to use a car seat any time you are driven by friends or family or even if you take a taxi. Purchasing a car seat is not just a matter of appearance of function, its a matter of safety. Also, a car seat is something you need to buy before the baby is born – how else are you going to get the lovely baby home? In hospitals, after the baby is born, nurses do supervised car-seat tests for the duration of your drive home to test the safety of your car seat and ensure that there is no risk to the baby such as suffocation. Premature and ill babies especially have higher risks.

Before you buy a car seat however, you need to do your research, learn the laws that apply in your State, and make an appropriate decision that will keep your baby or child safe. The Car Seat Reviews  blog is here to help you do that.

Car Seat Reviews – A Great Help!

When I had my first child, reading car seat reviews was something I overlooked. I purchased an older, used car seat that unbeknowst to me at the time had already been in an accident and was well past a replacement date. After looking into the matter more, I determined it was neccessary to invest in a new, safe and tested car seat. Nowadays, car seats are safe and starting to even be stylish and can also be transferable to the stroller or for home-use. Car seat reviews have been a great help as they describe all the features and pros and cons from an unbiased actual customers and users.

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If you find yourself looking for a car-seat but being completely clueless about where to look, what to look for, how to decide which is best for you and which brand is the best, don’t worry. After doing days of research and reading car seat reviews, I have put together this blog to help any mothers or families out of the situation I was in and into being a smart and savvy consumer when it comes to buying a car seat. In this Car Seat Reviews blog, I will tell you what you should be looking for in a good car seat and will tell you what car seat reviews online are saying about the different types, brands and models. Finally, I will make my recommendation for the best car seat reviews and list my top picks for the best car seats.

Car Seat Reviews – What to look for in a Good Car Seat 

When looking for the perfect car seat and reading through car seat reviews, these are the things that you should be looking for:

  • Date of Manufacturing: I highly recommend that you do not buy used car seats, especially online or through sites like craigslist because you do not know the history of the product. They may be missing parts even that you cannot recognize because you are not familiar with the car seat. Also, you should never use a car seat that is more than 10 years old. Car seats have expiration dates! 
  • Safety Mark: Look for brands that have tested safety and have marks of safety. You can also bring your car seat to the nearest national highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) inspection station which can be found on their website. 
  • Rear-Facing vs. Front-facing: Infants under 3 years should remain in rear-facing car seats for as long as possible until their weight or height exceeds the manufacturers recommended weight/height limit for the rear facing seat. Car seat reviews emphasize the importance of rear-facing seats because they support the infants neck and head in collision incidences. Also, rear facing seats should ALWAYS be in the back seat of the car.
  • Height and Weight Limits: Make sure that your child is within the height and weight limits of the car seat. I also recommend buying the car seat as soon as your child reaches the limits as it will last you much longer that way.
  • Combination Car Seats: These are more and more popular now and save you money in the long-run. These start off as rear-facing sears and convert to front facing when your child is ready. These are heavier though and usually are to remain in the car at all times. You should check car seat reviews to see which cars are good to use with these models as they are slightly bulkier.
  • Infant Carriers: These type of car seats transition to carriers so that when they fall asleep in the car, you can simply pick up the carrier and take them inside without waking them. No one likes a crying baby! Look for car seat reviews that describe pillows too that support the baby’s neck and airway when they are sleeping. These are called headhuggers. These should be used until the baby can hold its head up. HOWEVER, note that babies should not be left to sleep in car seats for long periods of time as this is not good for their breathing and neck. They should be lying flat on their backs for sleeping. Look for car seat reviews that emphasize durability and comfort of the handle as well. 
  • Aesthetics: Everyone wants a cute-looking carrier that makes their baby look like its rocking-out, baby style. If you are a fashion-fiesty family, look for a car seat that matches your car’s upholstry. Also, I recommend buying gender-neutral colours if you are planning on having multiple children! Car seat reviews often comment on the look of the car seat as well as the function.

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Car Seat Reviews – Older Children

Once your child is over 4 years old, they can still ride in a forward-facing car seat until they reach the top limit of the height and weight restrictions set by the manufacturers. Once they outgrow these, they should still travel on a booster seat. This places the seatbelt in the proper location on the body and also helps prevent car sickness I find. Car seat reviews give great advice about the transfreability and adaptability of car seats as your child ages. Look for car seat reviews that emphasize this point.

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Car Seat Reviews Updated

Posted by Barbara Moore on January 23, 2012

Car Seat Reviews – Updated 2012

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I wanted to thank you visiting the Car Seat Reviews blog.  Now let us take a look at the top recommendations and get the best one your baby deserves.  I wish you the best and please act on the information below.  Now let us go and discuss the number 1 option when looking at Car Seat Reviews :

Car Seat Reviews – THE WINNER: Combi Zeus 360 Convertible Car Seat

Upon doing the research with car seat reviews, it became apparent that the Combi brand is one of the highest-quality and best rated car seat makers on the market. These ultra-comfy and convertible car seats are the highest in quality and function. When I came across this model on Amazon, I was sold based on the great car seat reviews and ratings by actual customers. I purchased it and it arrived within 2 days by courier.

What’s the greatest about the Zeus 360 is that the seat can turn 360 degrees and making it  highly rated on the car seat reviews site.! This allows you to load baby and buckle then rotate the seat into rear-facing mode. This makes it very ergonomically sound and less awkward when placing baby. Also, the Zeus 360 can be used up to 35 pounds in the rear-facing direction which adds safety. Remember, rear facing seats are much safer than front-facing seats for infants with poor head and neck control. The government even suggests using rear-facing function until the baby outweighs the manufacturers weight limit or turns age 3.

Other features that both I and car seat reviews love are:

  • The comfort and luxury of the seat itself. It is thick and cushiony!
  • It is great for larger infants! If you have a big baby, car seat reviews recommend this because the weight limit for rear-facing setting is more than other makes (35 pounds!)
  • The seat is HIGH up so the infant or child can see out the window
  • Very easy to load and attach
  • Safety features are in check including 5 point harness with padding, energy absorbing foam, built in lock-offs, side-impact protection and an anti-rebound base.
  • There is a newborn insert which reclines the infant to the recommended 45 degrees.
  • All the fabric is removable and machine washable! Don’t you hate when these things gunk up and start to stink?
  • It comes in both brown and black to match different upholstery

The only thing I don’t like about my Combi Zeus 360 is that it’s not as cute as the other makes that have cute patterns like stripes and polka dots. I wouldn’t compromise on quality for look though so that is why I invested in the Combi Zeus 360.

Car Seat Reviews for the Combi Zeus 360 are amazing! It scored 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon by actual customers. These car seat reviews stress all the features mentioned above. Amazon is a great place to buy because it has free shipping and better prices than in-stores (no mark-up). Also, Amazon has a 365 day return policy on their baby products allowing you to return the car seat if you are not satisfied with it. Buy it here:

Car Seat Reviews – RUNNER UP: Britax Advocate 70 CS Click and Safe Convertible Car Seat

If you are more fashion-forward and love cute patterns and designs, the Britax brand is definately for you! The Britax Advocate 70 CS Click and Safe Convertible has cute patterns including bubbles, paisley and dots while maintaining the safety and comfort of the Combi Zeus 360. The features of the Britax Advocate that car seat reviews emphasize include:

  • Britax 360 protection: divert crash forces from all directions away from child and protect brain and spinal cord. This car seat also has Advanced Head Safety in which the bottom of the seat compresses in the event of a crash leading to decreased momentum.
  • Click and Safe technology allows you to hear an audible click when the harness is tightened to the proper length.
  • High weight capacity: this allows the seat to grow with the child. They can use the seat in forward facing mode up to 70 pounds!
  • Ease of connection to car
  • It is very cute looking, almost like a lounge chair!
  • The height adjusts so that the infant or child can look out the window at any age.
  • Reclines
  • Thick padding adds to comfort for child

The only problem noted in car seat reviews was that sometimes the boxes have missing parts when they come. Make sure to inspect all parts of your car seats when you are assembling and installing them. This is important for any car seat you purchase!! You can always take your car seat to the nearest national highway traffic safety administration inspection (NHTSA) station which you can find online. They will thoroughly inspect the car seat to ensure it is fully functional!!

The other version which you will find on Amazon is the Britax Boulevard which has other colours and patterns too.

Although this is a newer model, car seat reviews for the Britax Advocate are also coming out as really good. It scored 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and customers love the durability, length of use (up to 70 pounds!) and safety features. Like the Combi Zeus 360, The Britax Advocate is available on Amazon with free shipping and a 365 day return policy. Amazon has great customer service and their shipments arrive fast (within 2 days!).

Car Seat Reviews – 2ND RUNNER UP: Combi Coccoro Lightweight Convertible

Lastly, we have the Combi Coccoro Lightweight. This model is the modern-chic version of the Combi Zeus and also has fewer features. The price however for this lightweight model is very affordable and the car seat looks great. It also comes in a variety of colours, my favourite being the unisex Keylime colour (picture above). Also, because it is smaller and more compact, this is the car seat of choice for small vehicles. Car seat reviews rave about:

  • Tru-Safe buckle that is easy to use and meets safety standards. This car seat also has EPS foam that absorbs energy in case of impact.
  • Mommy Lap insert
  • Lightweight for carrying from house to car and great for travelling
  • Great colours including cherry pie, carrot cake, chestnut, keylime and liquorice.
  • Easy to clean, parts remove and are machine washable
  • You can fit 3 of these in the back seat!

Car seat reviews do complain of a complication when trying to install this car seat including wobbling back and forth. Remember, it is important to follow installation directions carefully. Many of the car seat reviews however did find fixes including the Zeus adjustment pad or even a pool noodle. You can always call Combi directly to ask questions or bring to the NHTSA inspection station). Also, this seat only works up to 40 pounds so you will need a booster seat after your child graduates from this car seat.

The Combi Coccoro Lightweight is available from Amazon with free shipping and 365 day returns. Car seat reviews for this product are amazing with 121 customers giving it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!!

Car Seat Reviews Conclusion

Whichever Car Seat you choose, rest assures that manufacturers must abide by strict safety standards. The Combi Zeus 360 has been amazing for me and its 360 swivel have really helped me with my back pain because I don’t have to lean awkwardly when loading my son. If you really one for comfort, durability and safety, the Combi Zeus is a great model. The Britax is also just as safe and also comes in great patterns and colours. Finally, the Combo Coccoro is great for multiple children and is lightweight and easy to clean and use. All of these have really high car seat reviews and ratings by real customers who have tried and used the products. Also, buying online not only saves you time, but also money, as they do not have the same mark-up costs as in stores. I am not affiliated with Amazon, but they have the best deal – no shipping charges!

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